No Name full spectrum CBD / Colorado Bred Design oil



 You don't have to hide when you sun bathe.   Rub   

oil on for UV protection naturally without chemicals.This oil even removes melanomas from skin over time. 



I have been using various similar brands in my practice for several years. After extensive research and trials, I have found your cold pressed oil to be far superior to any others that I have tested. You have been quite helpful in sending me the clinical assay of your product, which I had reviewed with a colleague of mine, a board certified Pharmacist. We both agree that yours is the extract that we were looking for. As we had discussed in the past, I hold several degrees including my Associates Degree, Bachelor of Science/Pre-Medical and Doctorate of Chiropractics. I have been in practice for 32 years Although a Board Certified Chiropractor, I have spent countless hours on research into various natural alternatives to pharmaceutical products. I had also worked as a manufacturing Chemist for a Pharmaceutical laboratory owned by Merck several decades ago. Thus, I speak with authority on this subject. The clinical applications of your oil have been used both topically and sublingually. Dr. Paul N.





You don't have to waste drops. It really works with just a few

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